Visa and Card are a different concept that you can be confused, all people will be always like the same but different only to call name but real is not such. Visa and Tag blue are different tags and other other function. On factively, in some case, that are different, in other other situation, they are they like a overlaps.

Visa and Card are a different concept that you can be confused, all people will be always like the same but different only to call name but real is not such.

Please start with the constraints. You are do you want to allow your self at the front or import context and search the entry into Hoa Kỳ. (Ended, the Staff and the Sea Defense of the Reverets of the Period of the United States in the current or the stage is given the last format for any you have allowed to this this or not. effect for you entered an on a water)

Go to the format, a real export export as a dấu in your your window. When you got the manual to the first of the Hoa of the quán bar for your food, this means you will be got this temp or the future equivalent you to the Hoa Ky.

“Thẻ xanh” is an from lóng. In the usage to be used, that is a images of the image of images you received when you to become the legal residence at Hoa Kỳ.

Now, with more width. Visa from also can be used in the residences of the family contact in the United States and will not need to scene. Some section is because that in the room of the Exchange of the Office of the Office of the Exchange of the Exchange of the Exchange of the partition of this room is an existing number of this user, default the even people is not known. When you read the comment about “tình trạng đủ điều kiện tình trạng thị thực” hoặc “the current status available”, they don’t update the current performance at your external, but the type real to perform the transaction that the Transaction for your level for you.

Green tag algorithm also also over a width. It must be used for only place of residence or where at the legal condition. When you find the green tab “application card”, it really an existing one in register register (adjust status or leader mode) may be to an trú tại Hoa Kỳ.

“Thẻ xanh” is an from lóng

Blue tag does not same as visa du lịch

Do not wait a blue tag to work as a thẻ tag “vạn năng” to take travel. Some an invalid style of the green tags are they are allowed to take your travel and in the outside of Hoa Kỳ that is not afraid of a retake. Kết quả của this nhầm lẫn is a common variable of the family family in the outside of the public people of the United States or the resident people in Hoa Ky want to have a random random random pollions xin thẻ xanh. Nhưng if your plan is your sole of your home only on a different country, the last genuine the United States will be found and discard your green tag. The legal language for this this is you entered from your place in Hoa Kỳ. You can you must start and recoice for another person; supply, all, that you are an to make your home and your residence.

Ví dụ: if you have match with a public people of the Period of Hoa Kỳ or resident residence, but you is defined in your home home in the first family first family, or to skip, you would want to waiting for when you are ready to be ready in the Hoa Kỳ to register please place.

Default if the root card and the family is unrecognized the United States, but has an invalid number for the world of the USA

The lúng túng is a common link of the different between the primary status of the permissions of the long term of long States of the Hoa Kỳ: the legal residence (have card blue) and nation of the Hoa Kỳ. We see the equivalent and other.

Đối với người cư trú tại Hoa Kỳ on the residence, the usually usually usually a first required required. Ví dụ, the following person of the user may be become a valid legal after request (usually called as ‘document’) by wife / chồng or the body in the family or the user is lao; after got a temporary state status; after giving the number of visa multiple format; or in other types.

To multiple case, the root card must be wait to a few years before preprocessing to return people of the Hoa Kỳ over a call is “enter country”. The other people that that all people can be become people of American bao gồm sinh non tại Hoa Kỳ, born in the external for a public people of Hoa Kỳ, and alive at My when it is smaller when creating parent natural.

Blue tag does not same as visa du lịch

Go to the unique to one that you can be going from the do not have an existing state of Hoa Kỳ is an public of Hoa Kỳ with the war team of Hoa Kỳ, as the description in the “Quyền công dân Hoa Kỳ for Nhân viên và chiến binh binh Hoa Kỳ ”.

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A valid character must be received an existing images, mean black, green green tree. This tag is the same as the certificate for the person that that have permission and working at Hoa Kỳ on the database; go and return; and comments for a near users near the family in also got the green tag.

However, the green card name cannot be any any family of the United States. They are not allowed in the bầu cử ở Hoa Kỳ. The family could not be outside outside of Hoa Kỳ in a time interval is not limit or about the other home – as do you will give it from the remote and reject your request to return the Hoa Kỳ. You can take its permissions of your own by the Service of Import and Import the States of US States (USCIS) to change the change address, range or action or overflow and more than nữa.

External, the green card root does not be recognized and help the rights from the overlay policy that the American could be possible. Many the program of the current bang apply the first year expected before the blue card root can be started.

Vì lý do này, người khiếm thị nên sớm xin cấp quốc tịch Hoa Kỳ. For the information about the way.

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Quyền và Lợi ích của Quyền Công dân Hoa Kỳ

National States of the United States is the best location that one of the friendly people in the United States. It is means an trú tại Hoa Kỳ. Public worker must not be fork in the output of path of the image card. The way only for the ai that may be be an existing state of a first person is the if that has been range of range of it in the first place.

Public States of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the Period of the request of the request of the request of the list of the family of the family of the family of the family they can be comments for parent parent (as the friendly body), em, and em em em em (in the priority priority) that is a long long wait)